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Art by Alfred Gockel

World Exposures is an innovative network of seasoned, professional, travel sales representatives throughout the U.S. and Canada. We provide a cost effective means of exposing your product to the lucrative travel agency and wholesaler communities throughout North America. Professional, personal sales calls and product training are the focal point of World Exposures' services. It is that personal touch that makes all the difference in today’s complex technological world.

World Exposures' present and past clients include: major tour wholesalers, small unique wholesalers, car rental companies, tourism departments, theme parks, entertainment venues, travel associations and consortiums, hotels, resorts and private islands. From multi-billion dollar corporations to small independent companies, each has a unique product for the travel agency market. Whether one market or multiple markets, we generate actual sales, not just paperwork, and we go a step beyond. At World Exposures, we take pride in becoming an extension of your company through training and education to be an integral part of your team. World Exposures offers the experience, flexibility and integrity for sales outsourcing to meet the needs and budgets of professional travel companies and orginizations.

World Exposures is a member of the International Council of Tourism Partners and embraces the concept of building a "Culture of Peace Through Tourism".

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